August 19, 2008

Video Games and Gaming Movie Games

Heres A Short List of some Movie Games that I found to be entertaining:

Nemo with the just keep swimming, switch up between Marlin, Nemo, and Dorry and the interaction with all the Movie Characters.

Willy Wonka collecting candy (points for leveling), fly on umbrellas, clues from Wonka, help Oompa Loompas, assist in the other characters getting taken, and sing songs.

The Incredibles is a one player game, play through the movie and enjoy.

Harry Potter with its spell mastery, spell combinations, and working together with up to three players or single then having the computer act as the other players for you (much better with real second and third players, the computer isn't much of a help).

And then of course, there are many more "Movie Games to have fun with like Spiderman, Buffy, Alien, the list goes on and on but these are the ones I have played and recommend for you.

Dalton Haile aka Wyverex Google Me

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Stephanie Haile Google Me said...

The Incredibles is Incredible, thanks :)