August 18, 2008

Video Games and Gaming Haunted Mansion

Photo Found On The Disney Blog, Give It A Visit

The Haunted Mansion

One of the great Movie Games available out there. I have another post for more on the Haunted Mansion Video Game, here is a quick link to that post here on Video Games and Gaming Blog

I have some more to write about one of the more challenging Movie Video Games, here we go.

Maybe covering some of the more challenging (and just plain "fun" rooms) will be a great place to start.

The Great Hall with 15 spirits available to "capture" after the light switch is turned on. This is a great room to get comfortable in, jump around and figure out the controls.

The Foyer with its 15 spirits to catch after the lights are turned on is a bit tricky. Look to the art work for help here. The first "save" spot is located in the Foyer, Look for the Grandfather Clock to save.

In The Conservatory, the books and music are your guides here. You will get quite adept at jumping in this room. The books will guide you to each instrument, one at a time. There are 20 spirits here to capture to power up your lantern. Oh! Did I forget to tell you what the spirits and lantern are for? LOL You are given a lantern and short explanation in the beginning of the game, which you fill up with caught spirits after you "defeat" the rooms puzzle and turn on the light. Then, you go "hunt" the spirits out of their hiding spaces (anything in the room that you go near that then "shakes" is a hiding space when the lights are on for the hiding spirits).

On to the Game Room and the 20 additional spirits you will power your lantern with here. Ahhhhhh, the pool table, jump onto it and have a ball :) Safety tip, if you jump along the edges, the bad spirits come and you will need to blast them, and you can fall off and die, yikes.

The Kitchen comes next. Breaking bottles with the flying dishes is your mission here. You must get them all to turn on the light, jump about and let the dishes fly as you "aim" them to hit the bottles all around the room. Once you get the lights on, find the 20 spirits here to add to your lantern collection.

The Maids Room with the moving walls was a challenge for me. The object is to find the exits while moving fast through the rooms as the walls change and move...(a lot going on here) just look for the door knobs and stop in front of the knobs and open the door. Sounds easier than it is really, but keep searching for the knobs and you will find the last room and be out to then collect your 10 spirits. What! only 10? Thats what I said too lol.

Photo Found:

Dining in the Dining Room (I jump on the table until I smash all the plates off, too fun) but the object here is to get the candles to light your way and then capture the 20 spirits contained in this room.

With the wind and webs in the Ballroom, this one is a bit on tricky side. You will need the help of the spiders here to get you to the front of the Ballroom for your chance at the 20 spirits available here.

The 15 spirits that you will find in the Winter Garden after you get through the fallout floor and the puzzler of fountains and fire to turn on the main illuminations.

The Graveyard is then the next in a line of challenging levels to complete with a whopping 25 spirits (what do you think that number will gain you in power with the lantern jolts?). Yes, you guessed it, The Grim Grinning Ghosts and their harmonizing tunes are the puzzle quest here. Once you get it, remember that the Grave Yard is a huge area to locate the hidden spirits.

In the Mausoleum (this will appear after you complete the Graveyard mission), You are on your own for a full 3 minutes, so be certain to "Save" at your nearest Grandfather Clock before entering the Mausoleum for your 25 spirit collection. Tip, jump off the cliff to get out.

The Pantry housing its 20 spirits to add to the lanterns power, is all about adjust the pictures, alternate dimensions, and a race against time. Have fun in here, I did.

The Trophy Room was certainly one of the most challenging rooms at first, don't let the fire bolts throw you, fire creates light when placed on a candelabra, find them and stay behing the shields (again, easier said than done, but you can do it) to then turn the lights on and find the 25 spirits needed here.

Between some room completions, you will also encounter some other spirits materializing in the beaten rooms as you go along. Speak to these spirits and return your death certificates that you have acquired and receive soul gems which super power your lantern.

The Toy Rooms chest is your next puzzler, don't just jump right in, check out the room first before heading straight over to the chest. The 15 spirits you need to collect will not be in the chest but in the room after the chest puzzle is complete. Balls and Balance and Building Up Some Rolling Steam is what you need to accomplish here. Tip, you can still "jump" while aboard a marble.

This leaves the Study (with the rugs and furniture movements), the Sun Room (Mirrors and Reflections), the Sitting Room, no sitting here, you will need to chase the light switch, and the Museum and its chess board maze and knights, these rooms are just fun and a bit of a challenge.

Being a "Rat" following the mice with the "Reaper" chasing you after you go into the closet of the Childrens Room, the best advice here is to Run! to gain your 15 spirits additions when you conquer this room.

The Parlor is much like the Study only with rugs and walls instead of furniture to gain your 10 spirits in the Parlor.

The Gallery paintings and its potential 15 spirits is a rather easy nut to crack if you don't like the color red for the picture frames.

With the Observatory and its moon jumps, 10 spirits, and cranks and the Attic with more spirits and cranks coming your way, the last puzzler is in the Foyer (Did you notice that you couldn't complete that one before?).

And now, we say Goodbye for a time to The Haunted Mansion, great fun in a Movie Game.

Dalton Haile aka Wyverex Google Me ;)

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