August 18, 2008

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The Bards Tale The Quest for Coin and Cleavage

Yes, this game is rated "T" for teens :)

inXile Entertainment

On beginning your journey through The Bards Tale, you have access to Houton, Houton Forest, and the Fairy Haunt Woods. The Bugbear Cairn will open up to you after you chat with a man named Darraud. You will find people inside their brochs, roaming around the town of Houton, and you can interact with some of them.

First tip: Save often

In the Houton and Fairy Haunt Woods you will find grouse to hunt if you obtain a bow. Speak to the hunter in Fairy Haunt Woods for more on hunting grouse and a surprise area will open up for you.

Equipment, Tune, Talent, Token, and Song lists are all housed in your log area, so anytime during play click the "back" button.

Killing Trow, Wolves, Tree Ents, Druids, and the like, they drop snowglobes, wanted posters, picnic baskets, clothing, weapons, wolf skins, silver, old bones, herbs, etc. and automatically get converted for you into money! Never get too full or overloaded playing The Bards Tale. Even when you purchase a new weapon at any store in any town, the less damage dealing or less powerful weapon, Armour, or instrument will be converted into money for you as well.

Speaking of the stores, be certain to find them early on as soon as you can upon entering any given city. The shopkeepers are a treat, take the time to listen into their explanations and descriptions for their wares :)

Let's venture into the towns and the characters we will meet in some of them. With Kirkwall and the Bobve's (sp?lol), The Extra Maps with the Ruins, Cairns, and Grounds, The Bugbear Cairn and Old Man Vintners in Houghton, Kettleswart in the Fairy Haunt Woods, Bannafeet in Houton Woods, Your Reward in Finstown (be sure to hurry here to get it, it is Great!), Neversdale and the Kunal Trow, and the Furlbolg Mines and the Furlbolgs (they are so pleasant:).

The endings change as you choose, having three possibles to go through the game multiple times. All snarky (short, billergent, smart a## lol), all pleasant, a little of both, all of these choices effect the outcomes in various places throughout the game. I always go with a little of both, this will help in obtaining as many of the "Tokens" as possible throughout the game.

This is a fun, entertaining, challenging (set it to more than "easy":), barrel of laughs sort of RPG and I know we and many fans are looking forward to more series filled with The Bard and his Tales :)

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