June 25, 2008

Family Safety with MMORPGs

How to stay safe and have fun with your family playing and participating in any MMORPG (massively multi player online role playing game) along with some great tips and tricks as you go.

Using the chat features of these online games can save you from some direct weirdness with the stalkers or harassers. There is a chat feature on most games that allows you to ignore any certain player in game to not even see their chats.

Focusing on leveling up one player in the group at a time going from lowest to highest.

OgreIsland.com is a also a great online game. This one requires absolutely no download!

It is always a great start to have evyone create a specialty character for getting a group started from scratch. There are set ups and choices that don't necessarily work as a solo.

Creating your own clan for your new group is also a great idea to keep the weirdness away from your family fun only letting those join who you already know.

Finding an unpopular server, usually a non PVP server, (Player vs Player), will also get the entire party up and running smoothly and get the newer players feeling comfortable.

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