February 22, 2009

Thief Deadly Shadows Video Games and Gaming

Video Games and Gaming Thief Deadly Shadows Tips

Find Article #1 at VideoGamesAndGaming.net for an game review and more tips :)

Thief Deadly Shadows rated M for Mature (age 17 and up) played on the XBox and PC.

First and second mission tips and other game tips for Thief Deadly Shadows can be found on our article above but here are some additional tips for easier leveling and game play:

You, no doubt, have noticed how easily enemies lie in the Video Games and Gaming Worlds. The narrative can be exceptionally taunting in Thief Deadly Shadows. Don't listen to the enemies :) They say things like "Come on out, we won't hurt you" lol Yes they will!

Fire arrows are collected in flame pits and other "hot" areas.

It takes 2 arrows to drop an alert guard but only one for a guard just patrolling.

Read all the journal guides on your missions. They give you much needed tips to help on your quests.

Be sure to cover all ground before moving along, completing each step or you will find yourself backtracking into each area multiple times. Although this can gain you additional experience, it gets monotonous :)

Missions can actually last (real time) over 16 hours, so the added save while "in mission" really is useful. Save regularly.

Lockpicking: Rotate your left thumb stick (clockwise or counter) until you feel a vibration (if you have this feature in your controller) or you will hear an audible "click". Keep your position and click the "A" button. Repeat the circular motion and "A" as many times as it takes to open the lock.

All locks of the same shape and color will open the same way so try to memorize the easier early locks, it will save much time. Practice on the lock sets at your home. You can obtain more later in the game from certain shops.

South Quarter is a poor region (also your where your home is) and Auldale is where the nobility live. Stone Market Plaza is the most dangerous of places. It houses many Hammer Guards and Pagans.

Turning off the standing candles can be done just by targeting them, but the wall torches, guard held torches, or fires need to be extinguished by a water arrow.

Pick up water arrows by looking in fountains.

Attacking regular townsfolk is ill advised as they will "story tell" helpful hints.

Wagon signs above shops with a red hand are seller shops for your loot.

Certain "fences" (dealers of your stolen property) will only deal in certain types of goods. Some items they will give premiums for but some items they will send you off to someone else to purchase.

To be able to differentiate between guards and other people look at the tabbards they are wearing (the shirt deals and markings on them).

The Pagans are real tough guys so don't let them hit you if you can help it :)

Throughout the game are some awesome graphical cut scenes of epic movie quality!

With no on screen map, you will need to pay closer attention to your given maps.

A feature to be able to change the difficulty levels from easy, normal, hard and expert modes is available for each individual mission :)

Not all doors with visible locks on them are actually locked.

Noise maker arrows are quite useful to send your enemies away if you get too many in striking distance.

Moss arrows are used to muffle noises like walking across metal or to shoot right at a rather loud or potentially loud guard or towns person.

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