January 18, 2009

Ogre Island New Mounts Video Games and Gaming

Ogre Island New Mounts

Check out the coolest of Mounts they have just added with the latest contest winners receiving their ride of choice :) Woodly and Zach chose a Black Dragon Mount, Wyverex and Sabine chose the Blink Unicorn, and Blizzy and Lew each chose a Pig Mount :)

The three Black Dragon Mounts above show the town of Plymouth Wharf in the background with the "Contest Key Chest" near the Unicorn Statues and Woodly, Rooker and a third Black Dragon winner posing for the shot.

Here are some other snapshots of the Pig Mounts, Unicorn Mounts, and Crazy Creatures that emerged from the town of Binxonia's chest (where you took the keys to try for a prize after retrieving them from the Plymouth Wharf Key Chest). The big prizes are all claimed now, but there are still smaller prizes to be won in the Ogre Island Key Chest Contest! Come on over and take a chance on a prize :) http://OgreIsland.com

Wavecritter's Invisible Dragon :)

This is Sheiktar in front of the new addition tower in Binxonia on Ogre Island (Watch out! It shoots Spark Bolts! Yikes :)

Here's Sabine's Unicorn :)

Wyverex on his New Unicorn Mount and Woodly on his New Black Dragon Mount

Woodly at the Key Contest Chest in Binxonia on Ogre Island

Wyverex, Wavecritter, and Woodly The Sawdust Taco aka Dalton and Stephanie Haile Google us :)

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Justin said...

Oh look, it's the Elemental monsters I drew.