November 21, 2008

Video Games and Gaming Rebirth RO

Rebirth Ro is one of the free versions of Ragnarok Online but by far the best. Chat features are useful but not as prevalent as some other MMORPGs. Meaning that the chat is not one of the biggest draws to this particular MMORPG, the actual game play is :) This can be a fast paced action, explore time quiet and cool game, or a healthy mix of quests, crazy fun, and friends.

Easy to get started once you download. This game takes about an hour to download (shorter or longer depending on your computer speed). This is a safe and fun game for all ages, still an MMORPG (massively multi player online role playing game) so there is always a risk of interacting with undesirables, but we did not run into any as we played.

With the set up, be sure to set your computer resolution to the closest setting to your own as possible (to figure out what your computer screen resolution is, right click on your main desktop and click properties, the info is listed here), full screen or windowed is personal preference and everything else is pretty much set up for you.

Start the game as a novice in both base and job level, talk to the introduction lady (if you do this twice, you will gain a base level :).

Follow the bridge and enter the training grounds. Talk to the receptionist, follow his instructions and he will then transport you to the training grounds. where there are several people you will want to speak to. First talk to the interface tutor who teaches you about the screen and how to manipulate efficient game play (highly recommended). Speak to the items girl in the upper right hand corner. Pay close and real attention to the items girl and do what she says as she says it (this is very important, don't listen and click through and then do what she says :)this following will benefit you greatly. Visit the skills tutor on the left, follow his instuction, and go through the blue portal on the left. Here you will find a helper who explains the finer points of combat. Speak to the guy at the other counter and he will send you to combat training :)

In the combat training area, stay in this area until you are at or over base level 35 (great suggestion, not required) and distribute your points accordingly. Pick up many items along the way but keep your weight limit around half full. These items can sold later at the vendor shop (money is a necessary thing:) There are also options here for stronger monsters in this combat training area whenever you are ready.

After training, head across the bridge to converse with the next NPC (non player character)standing by a door who will transport you to the next room. Talk to the guy on the upper left first as he will you in on all the classes you can choose from. This will help in your future game play tremendously, so listen in and choose wisely :) Speak to the counter guy and take the personality test, given your results, either choose your own class or the one decided for you by the test. You will then be warped to the town of that class and give you special items :)

The game has you go on a quest from the spot or town that the class is trained, but there are options :) Type @go 0 (@gospacezero) into the text chat area and get wisked to the town of Prontera where the job master lives. There is always a gathering of players here where you can find a healer, Warpra, and the shop to sell and buy items. Talk to the job master and he can instantly give you any class you want. We recommend avoiding the Ninja and Gunslinger at first as they will us any future class options. There is not an upgraded version of these but every other class has an upgrade. If chosen, the Ninja and Gunslinger might be a better second character choice.

There is an forum, status, rules, policy, and chat information all on the main site page for more.

This is a great start for an awesome MMORPG. Very "Final Fantasy Tactics" graphics :)

Dalton and Stephanie Haile aka Wyverex and Wavecritter Google Us :)

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Awesome rebirth is a good server :)