October 09, 2008

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Shenmue 2

Shenmue 2 is a one player XBox only game rated T for Teen. A sequel to Shenmue on Sega genesis. Ryo is your main character, Japan goes to China.

The coolest Confucius Style Yoda Tai Chi questions are asked of you as you venture and ask around of certain people.

When speaking to the fortune tellers, don't pay for services right away. Talk first and if they provide useful information, then pay for service if you wish to.

Be careful not to make an excessive amount of money early in the game, at least until after the "situation" happens.

Get the chance to arm wrestle and if you win, you gain some good information and ten dollars.

Spend all (or as much as you can) of your money in the shop with the gotcha boxes by the fountain in the square. These capsule toys can be sold at pawn shops later to acquire money as collections or singles. Each pawn shop has different prices, so shop or sell around. When a shop runs out of merchandise, leave it and come right back, their stocks will be refilled.

Everyone in the first half of the game will know Joy, a girl on a motorcycle you run into (rather, who runs into you).

Look for certain photo opportunities (hit the black button to take photo) and find out more in the snapshots section (shots viewer in main menu) of the video game Shenmue Collection (one of the fun Easter Eggs).

Time is relevant. At 11pm you must return back to your hotel and different things happen at different times of the day in the areas.

Quick action chase sequences come with maneuvers you need to land quickly. Click in a timely fashion. Fight sequences as well require a quick action response time.

When staying at the Come Over Guest House, get a job through Joy to make money in Aberdeen, then head to Wan Chai for pawn shops to get extra money by selling your items purchased in the shop by the fountain in the square. You can stay no, pay later at the Come Over Guest House if you mention Joys name.

Spurts of fast paced action and slower relaxing Movie Style animation.

In your Shenmue Collection, is a holding area of things that you have unlocked during the game. Customize your moves for the battle. It's a place to practice things you have unlocked already but need to practice. You don't get to keep the money you get in the Shenmue Collection area though.

A quick time action button just comes up in some fights and you need to hit buttons in the correct sequence quickly or face the consequences.

Digest Movie will play the Movie feature of the first Shenmue Video Game to learn the history of Shenmue.

Access your journal from the X button. It will list all of the important information you have gathered so far.

The base of the game Shenmue 2 is to find the man who killed your father. Quest throughout Hong Kong and surrounding China area. The completion time for Shenmue 2 is more than nine hours at best. The game doesn't have much in the way of variables, so game play game after game always stays relatively the same.

Gon, Dan, Jin, and Yi. Yi is "Act Without Hesitation and Do What Is Right".

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