October 20, 2008

Video Games and Gaming Ogre Island Grimwald Hold

Have you checked out one of the newer towns in Ogre Island? Grimwald Hold!
Red - Cook Stoves and Fires
Brown - Stables, Horses, Barns
Green - Grass, Trees, Vineyards, Gardens
Blue - Fountains, Wells, Water
C - Cave, Sewer Entrance, etc.
BH - Burned House
S - Statue
Video Games and Gaming
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~Quazit~ said...

OMG Having a home in Grimwald Hold is so challenging! Never once did I think having a home here would be so much maintenance! I mean really, come on! The area is HUGE and surrounded by monsters! If dragons come over though, I think we'll be okay because it is so fortified! Thank the God of Thak we can go into the courtyard to hide from the trolls@!