June 17, 2008

Video Games and Gaming Pokemon


Pokemon is a monster training game and "Pokemon" means "pocket monsters".

Basically a game where you go around the world catching and training Pokemon.

Battling the Pokemon along the way and as long as you have acquired Pokeballs, you can catch different Pokemon so you can obtain all the different species of Pokemon.

You can find Chickoretta, Charmander, Squirttle, and Pidgey. These are some of the many that exist and grow up and level to bigger versions of that species.

A very fun and entertaining game that actually teaches memory recognition and increases your detail recall in my opinion.

Listen into the show on Thursday June 12th for some excellent tips on better game play.

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Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter
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Ask Carole Percifield said...

I'm not into video games, but I like the looks of your site.