November 08, 2008

Video Games and Gaming Game Ogre

MMORPG and Free Online RPG Mega Directory of Game Ogre

With Game Ogres review directory, arcade and forum areas and the massive articles on Video Games and Gaming, this site is loaded with great information. Listings of MMORPGs and Free Online RPGs will give you a feel for whats out there to choose your dossier of Video Games. Gaming selections are varied and wide and this site has a great selection of articles, listings, contests, lairs, reviews and more. Even an in depth description of what a MMORPG is.

"What is a Free MMORPG?
A free MMORPG is a massive online game that allows you to play on an ongoing basis without having to pay a monthly subscription. However, a game needs to make money in some way in order to survive. To make money without monthly fees, different MMOs have come up with various strategies." READ MORE

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